Hey It’s Krimzin

8 01 2009

Hey guys just wanted to say I’m back and go to http://www.pendoray3.wordpress.com and definitely http://www.storycentral.wordpress.com. And Krimzin new site is http://www.krimzinhacking.web.officelive.com but will be on http://www.krimzin.wordpress.com too.


New Site!

2 12 2007

It’s http://pendoray3.wordpress.com/ I will update it every day so check it out as much as possible. All my other sites including this one are officially dead. So check it out, and I would really be happy if you comment or join one of the teams. Have fun!

 ~~ Pendoray 8) ~~

Bringing back the chatbox!

24 11 2007

Yes, we are bringing back my chatbox this is what the background is for it.



5 11 2007

I’m now an admin on waddle3773 and waddle3388s site if you need me email me for everything else well I don’t know but this site is officially closed if you need me go to Gamerz Club or http://waddleandwaddle.wordpress.com/ Ill mainly be on their site.  They haven’t made me an admin yet because we have differant time zones then me so they won’t get theemail with my wordpress email on it until like 12:00 or 1:00 in the morning Eastern American time.

Gamerz Club

20 10 2007

Heres my new Gamerz Club please join us or at least visit it. It will have many games and more. The link is http://gamerzclub.wordpress.com/ .

Game Series

19 10 2007

Im gonna make a series called Galactic Wars, go to this link to do your first mission Galactic Wars 1:The First One we must collect all 20 crystals to build our power crystal and return to our homeland.

New Game!

18 10 2007

I used an awesome website to make an awesome game check it out http://www.sploder.com/publish.php?s=qcj14rht&browse=1&ref=0